CORNSIL® Digital Hot Air Oven

CORNSIL® Digital Hot Air Oven


Features Low Maintenance, Stable Performance
Temperature Ambient +5°C To 250°C
Temperature Accuracy 5°C
Operating Voltage 230 Voltage
Options Timer, Fully Made of Stainless Steel, Microprocessor Based Pid Controller with SSR.
Drive Type Electric
Brand Cornsil

Since 1995, we have been functioning as Laboratory Hot Air Oven, CORNSIL® Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier from Pondicherry, India. Featuring wide,

We have two types of Hot air ovens, one is Digital model and another one is Thermostat model

Digital Hot Air Oven:

  • CORNSIL Hot Air Oven is sturdy double walled on the back and two sides with interior walls made of stainless 304 sheets and exterior made up of M.S. sheets.
  • The doors will be double walled and seals against atmospheric infiltration gasket. 
  • The doors will be mounted in heavy duty hinges for easy opening and closing.
  • In space in between the outer and middle wall is tightly packed with special grade glass wool. 
  • The outside skin temperature will be around 20 top 30 degs C above ambient. 
  • The oven will be provided with required number of adjustable trays.
  • Suitable heater is provided which will have much longer life.
  • The heating system will be designed from max.250 degs C operation with uniform temperature all over the oven chamber.
  • An air circulation fan with a suitable motor mounted at the back for ensuring uniform temperature throughout the heating chamber. 
  • The temperature inside the chamber is controlled by a Digital Temperature Indicator cum controller which will work in conjunction with a thermocouple.
  • A control panel with Digital Incubator cum controller, Air circulating fan starts, indicator lamps for line and load, mains, switch, fuse etc is provided.

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Specification Table

Chamber Size


Power Rating KW

300 x 300 x 300



355 x 355 x 355



455 x 455 x 455



455 x 455 x 605



605 x 605 x 605



910 x 605 x 605



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